Our Story…

During the dark ages of the Pandemic, Grumpy Puppy discovered crypto and NFTs.

During his crypto endeavors, he ran into rug pull after rug pull and almost pulled out entirely. He invested in Coins, Tokens, Alts, and memes. He learned from them all what to do and what not to do for tokenomics and continues to learn more of what a community wants of their coins.

Shortly after these misfortunes, Grumpy Puppy decided to become an NFT artist and created some artwork for the masses. Again, Grumpy struggled and met a small community of artists that helped changed how he thought about the NFT community and the difficulties it is being an NFT artist.

With NFTs being shared within roughly 1% of the world’s population and cryptocurrency being something that people were just starting to understand, Grumpy knew something must be done to get this out to the masses.

While Grumpy was watching one of his favorite artists livestream performances, it dawned on him. “There must be a way to combine crypto, NFTs, and Music into one environment where NFT artists can be supported and shown to the world, cryptocurrency can be the payment, and it would be awesome to see great concerts and performances all in one space!”

At that point, Grumpy Puppy Coin was born……

Here’s the most important thing you need to know: we’re more than just a Cryptocurrency. We plan to help small NFT Artists to realize their full growth potential, and invest in their success. 


Our team is driven by the community. Every single day, we listen to our investors and work with them as we grow.