GPKC NFT Collection

Grumpy Puppy started with a few collections as he navigated the NFT marketplace. Due to costs he decided to launch his generative collections on Polygon (Matic). 

These designs are the reason he started to pursue his next projects with such a strong focus on community. Each of these designs began as community driven ideas and feedback. 

Sam The Pug

This collection is dedicated to Sam the Pug and all of his awesomeness. He’s one of the main grumps in the kennel club and nothing makes him happy. No amount of pets or treats will satisfy his grump. This collection includes 8,888 that contain a potential of almost 1,000,000 combinations.

WSB Barry

Barry is a gambler at heart. Betting money on stupid things but somehow winning. He is a unique character that has 1,800 possible combinations.



Sam The Zombie Gruffer

Sam was locked up for stealing crypto. When the zombies broke in, He fought hard but could not keep them off. Sam is now a grumpy zombie coming in 6 backgrounds, 6 furs, and 6 jumpsuits. This collection contains 100 unique Sams.