Our Vision

As a team, we have been looking at the future of NFTs, Crypto, and Music as we state in nearly every public post. If you look at our roadmap, we refer to 3 projects that will show what this coin is really for.

This first project, The Woof Network, is planned to be a social media network designed for NFTs. Think of Twitter but every post is an NFT that you recently purchased that you could share with your friends. There will be a like/comment system to see how others react and you can follow your favorite people to see what they are buying too.

To support this model and move away from expensive ETH gas fees we plan to also create a marketplace that artists can list their NFTs. The goal of this marketplace is more affordable NFTs so that everyone can share and join in. This would give artists another place to promote their NFTs and have their works shared more than just twitter. Since we would own the marketplace, we would use GRMPP to purchase the NFTs to use on the network and would build in the wallet to your social profile.

This mini ecosystem would fund the next project, which would be the Digital Dog House. The Dog House will be like the Smithsonian of NFTs with various breakout spaces for artists to collaborate and will also have a performance area to bring in Musical Artists from around the globe. The digital aspect to this is that it would be in Decentraland. It would be wall to wall of NFTs purchased by the team/organization. The NFTs that would be purchased would be from new artists all over the world as we find them. The goal would be to buy one NFT from every artist to make the world’s largest NFT collection. It would have exhibits of your favorite people’s NFTs and displaying them as they buy them. Think if you could watch Snoop Dogg purchase his next NFT and it pops up right on the wall. With the constant purchases of NFTs, these exhibits would change weekly if not daily.

To bring this digital world to our real world, we would create make a physical Dog House. Since there would only be one, we plan to ask all of our GRMPP holders to vote on a place in the world where the real Dog House will be built. The Dog House will be just as massive as it is planned for Decentraland and will have the same areas as stated. With the physical building we will attract more people that are not in the NFT world and will become the Mecca for the new art age. The break out spaces can be used for art creation and demonstrations, and the Performance area can be used by Musical artists to have concerts in real life.

We will make a place where NFTs, Crypto, and Music Converge. 

Join Us!

**The images above are just for reference (Twitter, Opensea, Atelier des Lumière, and Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao)  and not actual images of the future products. Images of the future products will be shown as work is completed.